Natural Cough Remedy From my Grandma’s Recipe Book

Posted By on Nov 15, 2014 | 0 comments

I get tons of requests for this recipe. I am all about natural remedies but I need them to be effective. In our family it has cured every type of cough. So let’s get to it. What you’ll need.

  • Half a purple onion
  • Juice of six limes (or lemons)
  • 8oz of raw honey

Peel the onion, chop it into pieces and liquefy (blender) it with the juice of six lemons, you can leave some of the lemon pulp if you prefer. Add the raw honey and mix. It tastes great if you add the amount of lemon and honey that makes the onion tolerable to you. This is the minimum I would use but you can certainly add more. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator and take a shot or spoonful every couple of hours especially before heading to bed.

This recipe has been know to cure bronchitis, coughs and other lung sicknesses. Safe for small children and toddlers well. For infants and babies the food allergy guidelines apply (I wouldn’t use it before 12 months because of the honey). In some cases this recipe has caused kids to spit up the mucus, don’t be alarmed, it cleanses the bronchi and lungs, makes coughs more productive and also serves as a cough suppressant for better night sleep. Get well soon!