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LuLaRoe or No? - Mavi Says

LuLaRoe or No?

Posted By on Nov 6, 2017 | 0 comments

The Carly Dress is a YES!

I grew up with a mom who raised four kids on her own through sales. She never left us at daycare and had NO one to help her take care of us. When we moved to the US it was only natural that she would stumble upon multilevel marketing companies. She sold everything from water purifiers to ATMs to small businesses. So when my old high school friend Annissa told me she was selling LuLaRoe I didn’t really want anything to do with multilevel marketing sales. It triggered my memories of all those times my mom had been scammed, and pushed into selling things no one needed. So I joined her Facebook group with solely the idea to support her by sharing or liking things but I sure as heck wasn’t going to buy a darn thing in there. For almost a year I simply visited the group casually and NEVER bought a thing.

Last month for my birthday my friend Annissa and our other high school friend Kamila, invited me to crash while one of them attended a conference in Orlando. It would be my first time away with the girls and I packed bathing suits and the necessary LBD. Things I can’t really wear while chasing the kid or protesting some sort of injustice. I did want some outfits to travel via car as well as some lounging clothes around the pool. Something cute but comfortable for travel. I looked through Annissa’s inventory and found the LuLaRoe Carly dress. I love being able to throw on a comfortable dress that covers me and also makes me look cute in one swoop. I love dresses with fun patterns, it’s the only time you don’t have to worry much about matching or pairing fabrics. I picked up this dress right before we left and I must say I love how it fits.

How did I get past my reservations about the expense, makeup and overall idea of LuLaRoe? To me it was simple. One, I was investing in a stay at home mom’s business. My friend has built an amazing little store in a spare bedroom in her home. She photographs her favorite pieces with the studio she built all on her own, there are many details in the merchandising of her pieces even if it’s at home, you can tell she takes this job very seriously. I love knowing that a big chunk of what I paid goes directly to her. Secondly, I loved that LuLaRoe’s refund policy ensures you are happy 100% with your purchase.┬áIf your piece is in any way defective or if you are simply not happy once you get it, you have ample time for a return and even more time if you need an exchange. I also like the many unique and fun fabrics and designs. Lastly, I love the comfort and modesty of the clothes. It’s perfect for mom days. You know, those days where your whole day revolves around your kids? I needed a dress like that, and that’s the Carly dress. I usually thrift but if I buy new clothes I prefer to give my money to support companies who are either responsible or fund the future of families. LuLaRoe helps moms be at home for their kids while making a decent living.

Want to find out more about Annissa Rivera’s LuLaRoe store? Visit her Facebook group here.



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