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"Blacks for Trump" Are Members of a Black Supremacy Cult - Mavi Says

“Blacks for Trump” Are Members of a Black Supremacy Cult

Posted By on Nov 4, 2016 | 0 comments


The Miami New Times broke the story that the famous man standing behind Trump at every rally holding the sign “Blacks for Trump” is actually a black-supremacy cult leader who was indicted on the murderous rampage of the cults previous leader. That fact aside let’s talk about your justification of minorities that support Trump.

As a marketing professional I respect the scientific method, especially when it comes to demographics. I find it laughable when people use the one minority person they “know” to backup the argument that Trump’s base isn’t by in large racist and white. There is plenty of data, besides the cult story above,  that proves otherwise, the KKK endorsement, the burning of churches with pro-Trump graffiti on it — all pieces of the larger, disturbing, racist narrative of that campaign.

At these rallies I have seen men and women who have gone to great lengths to even alter even their bone structure to fundamentally hide their ethnicity — to opt for a more euro-centric look. It’s when “fashion” and “preference” goes beyond to the point of body dysmorphia. No, not all white Trump followers are racists . No, not all minorities that follow him are experiencing internalized racism or mental delusions like the members of Yahweh. I’m not even quite sure Trump is truly a racist himself or if he’s doing all this just to get votes or his next network show deal. However, demographic measurements simply don’t lie. He knows his target market, you shouldn’t ignore what’s right in front of you.

“I have a ____ friend” is a commonly used term by many racists to justify their racism. To use a person of color in their life as a pawn in an argument is racist.

I always relate racism and oppression as having the same dynamic of an abusive relationship. I see it this way, to justify someone’s abuse makes you a weapon of the abuser. To fire-start a person by telling them their feelings aren’t valid just because other abused people wouldn’t respond in the same way perpetuates the abuse. Now go back and replace racism with abuse in that sentence, same dynamic.


If you’re voting for Trump because you can’t imagine voting for a liberal, or if you’re a Progressive throwing an anti-establishment, adult hissy fit, or if you simply see him as a joke who doesn’t pose any real threat and are more scared of Hillary, I may respect all of the above opinions not the justification of the hatred Trump is spreading and validating. Please stop trying to sugar coat his racism, xenophobia, and misogyny. You’ll risk getting lumped in with the neo-nazi and KKK followers he has. I’m sure, you as a person who is NOT racist, with plenty of minority friends would not want that. If you are a progressive who cares about the variety of movements seeking to help people of color in dire situations, don’t justify his racism to make yourself feel better. Trump is a RACIST and many of his follower are too, period and it just so happens that many of his black followers are people who need some serious help and have been linked to murders of white people in the past.

This is NOT an endorsement of ANY other candidate.

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