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About Mavi - Mavi Says

About Mavi

tumblr_ne4ggqhClx1sw9mezo1_5001In 2009 my husband and I made a decision to ditch our high-paying corporate jobs for a life free of debt and with the freedom to travel the world. We left our house, our cars and our family to embark on this journey. This blog is a collection of memories, thoughts and ideas of what I have learned in this great ride. We have lived in Miami, Italy and Holland with no idea where this crazy idea will take us next. In the process I also had a son and that also changed me, like it does any parent. Since his birth I strive to live even more simply and green. We like to eat whole, healthy, organic foods, we are big on thrifting and second hand purchases to help the environment and we love getting out there to experience the gift of the planet. This is our story.


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