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Mindful Fashion

Posted By on Dec 15, 2014

Mindfulness is an ancient practice of being aware, of living the moment fully. Kaballah and Buddhism have several techniques to teach ways to fully experience the moment. These techniques are thought to be the secret to living life to the fullest and happiness. No matter what you’re doing even something as simple as eating you can be mindful. Feeling each bite, chew and swallow instead of thinking about what you have to do after...

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You have asked, “Is there a way to have a cheap, elegant, green beach wedding ?” I have your answer. I worked as a wedding planner aboard cruise ships and other exotic destinations so simplicity with impact is a vital mix for a successful event. A few years ago we decided to celebrate a 10-year vow renewal on our anniversary. Our first wedding was small so beating that budget was going to be a challenge. Also, after living...

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